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You have until 28 November to join our peaceful holiday adventure. Will you make a more peaceful holiday with us?

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Free Tool: The Family PR Game

Overcome judgement and get clarity on your personal progress. Enjoy your first holiday gift to yourself.

Do the Holidays Stress You The Elf Out?

The holidays are the best time of year, right? All smiles and candy canes? Nope. 40% of people report that the holidays suck. We’ve been there too, and if you’re anything like us you can relate to this:

  • Every smiling and laughing couple just makes you feel more alone.

  • There’s never enough time to see everybody, do everything, and it’s exhausting and you’d rather go under a blanket and curl into a ball.

  • Time with the family brings up old wounds, tired conversations, and awkwardly bad times. Let's hope there's at least lasagna.

  • All these gifts to get? Having to receive things I don't even want. WTF.

  • Meeting everyone’s needs is impossible and anxiety-inducing. Maybe more coffee and christmas cookies will help.  

  • You find yourself consuming lots of alcohol and staying endlessly busy with events, errands, and gift shopping until we feel like we need a holiday from the holidays.

  • You get to the new year feeling like your life is a mess, and where the hell is the reset button? It’s time to buy that year gym membership you’ll use for about a month.

  • Maybe the holidays aren't that bad for you, but you just want to relax and recharge. Your life is hard enough so you just want the holidays to feel like a break, to be easy, to get some of that comforting holiday spirit. Where the hell are you holiday spirit? Show yourself!

We’ve been there. If you can relate any of this then you are in the right place, because this year, we're going to help each other.

You’re Missing Out On Peace (and Fun)

We’re not trying to give you FOMO. We’re saying that holiday time can actually be an amazing opportunity for rest, reflection, celebration, and connection. We’ve experienced this, and it’s fantastic. Holiday stress robs you of that experience. 

Every year you don’t fix this problem you have another year of headaches, awkwardness, gift-getting anxiety, and the old emotional patterns with yourselves and your families can stay stuck. You head into the new year with all the baggage you’ve carried feeling even heavier. 

You are missing the opportunity to actually refresh yourself, care for yourself, change old habits and patterns, and relate to your relations in ways that actually feel good for maybe the first time in your life. 

The holidays can be a bad or at least awkward dream that lasts for weeks, or they can be a gift that you give to yourself. A gift that permanently reduces your stress, and sends you into the new year with accelerating momentum to make your life a better match for you. Imagine how much more progress next year can bring for you if the holidays help you and propel you instead of hurt. That gym membership will actually stick this time. Can you afford another year of even sub-optimal holidays? There is no need to tolerate that when you can find peace and rejuvenation instead. 

How Arnaud Found A Peaceful Holiday

Let me tell you about Arnaud's holiday experience, you'll get more details in the course. One holiday season he was visiting extended family with his own family and close pressure of the holiday questions and activities led to a mini-breakdown. He realized much of his life wasn’t working for him. He realized he was pushing himself to exhaustion and trying so hard, but for what? He called David and screamed into the phone - “This is not sustainablllllllllllllleee!” 

Fortunately, Arnaud and David are experienced meditators and emotional processers. David coached Arnaud into using techniques to calm the mind and body and connect to his real self. Arnaud began to see his truth through the holiday fog. He discovered the feelings he would actually love to feel. With courage, he began speaking with his family from a deeper more vulnerable and authentic place. This felt good and it paid off. His family surprised him with responses of more support and connection than Arnaud had hoped for. He ended the holiday season feeling actually closer to his family, with a new commitment to himself, and new momentum to express his truth moving forward. That momentum stayed with him the whole following year and it led him to going on a spiritual retreat for the first time, teaching and coaching others, and starting his own online platform called Peaceful Creativity, where this course is now happening! 

Just like Arnaud, you can transform the holidays into personal awesomeness. 

Watch Intro Video

Arnaud and David Mansplain How The Peaceful Holidays Course Works

(And why we need you to launch it)

What You Get in Peaceful Holidays

14 tools we use with ourselves and our 1-to-1 clients, wrapped up in a simple package with a bow on it. Released to you each day starting on 1 December. You can download the lessons and keep them forever.

  • 1

    The Peaceful Holidays Mindset: Your Toolkit For a Great End of Year

    • A Special Welcome from Arnaud and David

    • How to use this course

    • Preparing Your Mind and Body for The Holidays

    • Tool: Your Future Peaceful Self

    • Tool: The Calm Heart Meditation

    • Tool: Who is Bigger?

  • 2

    Part 1: How To Handle the Holiday Blues (and Talk to Your Partner)

    • Holiday Depression, Sadness, and Breakups are Real

    • Tool: Radical Self-Care

    • Tool: The Emotional Processing Technique

    • Tool: Communicating Vulnerability

  • 3

    Part 2: Meet Your Family: Avoid Judgement, Connect Deeply, and Have a Dandy Time at the Table

    • It's All in the Family...Why We Suffer at the Holidays Table

    • Tool: Your Family PR Campaign

    • Tool: Me Time Excuses

    • Tool: The Last Conversation

  • 4

    Part 3: Making Gifting Great Again

    • Giving is Fun, So Why is It Such a Pain in the Ass?

    • Tool: Less is More and The No Things Rule

    • Tool: The 5 Love Languages in Gifting

    • Tool: 21-Minutes to Solve All Your Gifts

  • 5

    Bonus: What to Do When The Horrible Moment Happens

    • I Just Had a Shitty Experience, Now What?

    • Tool: Answer the Journal

  • 6

    Enjoying Your Holiday and Beyond

    • Integrating Your Wins

    • Carrying Momentum into the New Year

    • A Parting Message from Arnaud and David

Arnaud and David Who?

Meditators, Coaches, and Obvious Holiday Experts.

Coach in Creativity & Peace of Mind

Arnaud CZ

Arnaud is a Coach in Creativity & Peace of Mind and the founder of PeacefulCreativity.com. Certified in Positive Psychology and a former student of Neil Strauss, Arnaud coached and taught dozens of humans since 2004, incorporating meditation to his work since 2015. He’s also a happy dad of 2 and a geek who shamelessly enjoys memes and pop culture.

David Papa

David has worked for himself for 6 years, coaching executives and entrepreneurs, facilitating leadership trainings, and helping individuals navigate their spiritual path through meditation, emotional processing, and Self-realization. In his spare time, he seeks out the involuntary rhythmic abdominal contractions known as laughter.

You Now Know As Much About This Course As Arnaud and David.

We Need a Minimum of 10 People to join us and the course begins! Will you bring more peaceful holidays to the world?

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